Thai Fusion provides tasty food and wonderful service


My family has quite the weakness for Thai food, which is why we are always eager to check out new Thai restaurants. Yesterday, we ventured to Thai Fusion, located on Broadmoor Avenue, upon numerous raving reviews from friends. When we walked in, my mom was bursting to tell us how much she adored the interior of the restaurant. The place was indeed decorated really nicely. The walls were painted green, with an assortment of wall decor hanging from them, and at the center of the restaurant were hanging light fixtures that resembled the little umbrellas that you sometimes get in drinks. All the decor came together to give the place a very calming, comforting atmosphere.

The food certainly lived up to the interior design. I tried out two dishes: the simplest fried rice dish and the Drunken Noodle. The menu proclaimed that the Drunken Noodle was a favorite, named for being cooked with wine, and I can see exactly why. It had a great flavor, though I think if we had ordered it any milder than medium, it would’ve been pretty bland. Furthermore, though it was fairly pleasant in taste, it was a bit too sweet for my liking. For that reason, I doubt I would order the dish again. However, the fried rice was exponentially better than the prior dish. It had a wonderful flavor, and the spice level (medium) was perfect– not too overwhelming, but not too bland. It was delicious in every sense. It’s only misgiving was the portion size. Both dishes were priced at around $8-$10, which is
standard for Thai food. However, most restaurants will give you much more food than what we received.

The food was undoubtedly very enjoyable; however, the exceptional service nearly outshone the food. The waitress who assisted us was remarkable; she checked up on us regularly, was very pleasant and kind, and even gave us extra candies when she heard my sister declare how much she liked them.
In short, I found the food at Thai Fusion incredibly satisfying– it could even rival Little Bangkok. You should definitely try to make it out there, and if not for the food, for the amazing service.