The Omelette Shoppe is perfect with its tasty breakfast food and welcoming atmosphere


After entering The Omelette Shoppe, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the infectious and sunny atmosphere that surrounds the restaurant. Artwork and shelves completely covered by random knick-knacks span every wall in the brightly lit space. A relaxed playlist of mixed music genres plays quietly in the background and can hardly be heard over the busy chatter in the room. Hearty laughter and lasting smiles can be seen everywhere, in turn leading to the overwhelming urge to simply be happy and be a part of the cheery vibe. However, the upbeat atmosphere isn’t the only thing contributing to the overall happiness of The Omelette Shoppe.

Because they are a breakfast and lunch place, their menu is a blend of egg dishes, like quiches and omelets, and griddle favorites, like french toast and pancakes. Just one look at The Omelette Shoppe’s menu is enough to make your mouth water. One page of the menu is of savory omelets with various toppings and fillings, while another page is perfect for anyone who enjoys sweet things. As a lover of sweets and breakfast foods, The Omelette Shoppe is my go-to restaurant. With their Berry Bliss French Toast and their German omelet, I am completely smitten and in heaven when I get the chance to visit.

Because of its prime location on Breton Road, The Omelette Shoppe generally gets pretty filled up. But thankfully, the wonderful wait staff is well equipped to handle the bustling customers and the extensive orders. Even while waiting for a table, the staff is both kind and conversational, making the experience even more genuine. Usually, waiters and waitresses are low in energy and less excited to see yet another customer walk in the door. At The Omelette Shoppe, the staff is completely different. Beaming smiles from the happy cashiers greet you right when you walk in, as engaging waiters assist customers.

Compared to other breakfast food restaurants, The Omelette Shoppe is far superior. Any place that takes the time to completely cater to their customers’ needs and has good prices and foods will always be satisfactory in my book. With their tasty food and sunny mood, I have yet to be disappointed with The Omelette Shoppe.