The Ice Cream King of Ada


Sam Hopkins, Staff Writer

When wandering into the small town of Ada, everyone has to make a decision.  And boy is it a tough one.  Where do you go to get yourself a sweet ice cream treat, Scoopers or Spoonlickers?  Both of these shops have been opened recently in the past couple of years, and have been in competition ever since.  From cost, to service, to taste, to flavors, which ice cream destination brings your tastebuds the most joy?  After visiting both ice cream parlors, the choice is clear.  One of these shops is the clear winner.

Cost:  If cost is the issue, I’d advise others to chose Scoopers.  For the same amount of ice cream, Scoopers has much lower prices.  The difference between ordering a cup of deliciousness at Scoopers and Spoonlickers could be up to eight dollars.  Spoonlickers ice cream isn’t good enough to have that high of costs.  I mean the ice cream is good, but whoever determines the cost overrated their ice cream by a long shot.  Winner: Scoopers

Service:  In regard to service, I believe this one ends in a tie.  These shops have different ways of getting customers ice cream so there isn’t a fair comparison.  In Spoonlickers, the customers serve themselves, whereas Scoopers serves ice cream the traditional way.  Both of these places do a great job of getting the customer their ice cream in a quick and effective way.  Both of these shops also have a great family atmosphere,  welcoming and inviting for everyone looking for a tasty treat.  Winner: Tie


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Taste:  This one is also tricky.  While Scoopers serves ice cream, Spoonlickers serves frozen yogurt.  Despite both tasting fantastic, I’d have to give the upper hand to Scoopers.  Their ice cream is always fresh out of the freezer and is the perfect thickness.  For my personal preference, I enjoy traditional ice cream more than  frozen yogurt.  Regardless, both shops do a great job of getting there sweets tasting exceptional, leaving the tastebuds of Ada citizens wanting more.  Winner: Scoopers

Flavors:  Even though both destinations offer many different flavors, I’d have to give Spoonlickers the upper hand because of all the available toppings.  Spoonlickers offers 20 different flavors that are accommodated by a plethora of toppings.  Compared to Scoopers, Spoonlickers also offers a wider variety of flavors for all different types of diners.  With the combination of flavors and toppings, Spoonlickers wins this category.

Winner:  Spoonlickers

Overall, I believe that Scoopers is crowned the ice cream king of Ada.  Covering numerous topics, Scoopers is the winner.  Scoopers has a nice location, is easily accessible and has many tasty treats.  Spoonlickers put up a tough battle, but Scoopers ultimately prevails.  After many rigorous trials and categories Scoopers comes out on top.