You’re my biggest fan


Madison Szczepanski, Assistant Social Media Manager

Cousins are often the first friends we make in life. We are forced to spend time with each other at family events and interact with each other. Sometimes, relationships between family members fail or just weaken over the years, but ours grew stronger. The slight age difference of two years might have been significant in our younger years, but as we both grow up and mature we are essentially equals.

Over the past year, we have grown closer than we ever have been. Texting almost everyday, FaceTiming at least twice a week, and being there for each other when we need to be. You always comment on my Instagram photos telling me how pretty I am, you tell me encouraging words when I need a push, and you remind me how much you care. Even though we have some fun with the occasional “Szczepanski Family” mean joke, the amount of love and kindness that we share cannot be overpowered. And if you push aside the teasing, you offer me a support system that I could never find anywhere else.

I don’t think I could name one interaction between us that doesn’t end in laughter. The cycle is as follows: we are sweet, we are sour, we say “I love you,” and then, we laugh and move on. Whenever I’m with you, I have the most amazing time. Our own version of carpool karaoke while driving through Grandma’s small town, trips to the general store, and MACJ and L are all memories that we have sculpted with each other, and they will last a lifetime. It would be impossible for us to reminisce about all of our fond memories we have shared; there are far too many and some are best told by other members of our kind, little family.

You are my biggest fan. I am grateful for every moment you spend complimenting me, insulting me, laughing with me (or at me), and telling me it’s all going to be okay. I’m glad that you share my vivacious personality, love for Les Mis, and how much I can’t wait to go to Spain with you.

Remember, I’m sometimes sour, mostly sweet, and only gone when you forget to FacetTime me back. I love you forever.