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The colors of my life

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Sometimes my life is gray

When the sun doesn’t shine and the rain falls

And sometimes it’s blue,

And everything feels as if it’s going in slow motion

Although there are days that are blue and gray,

They always seem to be washed away with a certain shade of yellow

Yellow is a happy color, the color of the sun

With its warm rays that warm your skin after a long winter

Or after a gray rainy day

It wipes all of my sadness away.

And then there’s that certain shade of red

The color that creeps into my cheeks after a good run

Or when I laugh too hard with my friends

And especially when I see certain people

I hate the color red, but I like how it makes me feel,

Accomplished and happy

When the sun sets and the red sky morphs into orange

After a warm summer day at the lake, it lifts my heart

And although there is blue in the picture, the orange seems to be prevalent

And doesn’t allow my mind to focus on the despair

My gaze is looking up and away from what’s pulling me under

After the sun sets, I see the sky as an array of shades

I see navy blue and dark gray because even though it’s dark

It’s never truly pitch black

I am never truly blinded

The sky is illuminated by stars, or illuminated by the city lights

It’s comforting to know that there is always a light guiding me home.

Brown and gold also comfort me

These two colors represent the next chapter of my life

My future.

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About the Writer
Rene Maier, Lead Managing Editor

Rene is entering her second year on staff and was given the role of being Managing Editor.  Rene's favorite style of writing is columns and reviews....

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The colors of my life