The power of keeping an open mind

The power of keeping an open mind

There is vast power hidden inside keeping an open mind. Limitless realms of self-control and self-awareness can be found through keeping an open mind when observing anything around you.

To me, keeping an open mind means that you embrace every view, situation, and occasion that you notice around you. It means you are open to everyone and everything that comes your way, allowing yourself to experience different opportunities, meet new people, and explore thousands of possibilities. Through exposing yourself to these new experiences, you might even find new friends, a new activity, or new interests and consequently discover a side to yourself that you never knew you had. Some beliefs or messages might speak to you in a way you’ve never experienced before.

There are hundreds of ways to keep an open mind starting right now. One of the easiest ways to do so would be to not judge others. Sometimes, judging can be as immediate as a split-second decision you make about someone after seeing them, hearing something they say, or reading something they wrote. Everyone does it and it might be impossible to control these instincts. However, by not acting upon or believing these tendencies, you give yourself the ability to really understand that person and their beliefs before deciding on your opinion of them.

Our world is filled with millions of unique, amazing, interesting things. Why wouldn’t you want to experience them all?”

Interpretation is another important way to keep an open mind. Try to understand and sympathize with someone else’s story, opinion, or response. By keeping in mind the other person’s history, education, and upbringing, you might find it easier to relate to their point of view. If you were in their shoes, would you be reacting the same way?

Lastly, be open to all kinds of information. Read different kinds of literature, watch different TV shows or movies, and listen to different genres of music. Try different kinds of foods you never thought you would. Malaysian, Mongolian, Moroccan, why not try them all? Allow yourself to be immersed in different cultures and communities you aren’t accustomed to. Don’t limit yourself because you are unfamiliar with anything outside your comfort zone. Learn to love to learn new things and you’ll find it easier to love everything around you.

By expanding, enlarging, or extending your mind, you are enabling yourself to improve. You don’t have to agree with every belief you hear or try every new activity you see. But, you can simply observe and try to understand new things that you notice around you. Even if you don’t agree in any degree with what you discover, you might find closure in the fact that you gave yourself the opportunity to grow.