The Proposal is a fun romantic comedy to watch

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The Proposal is a fun romantic comedy to watch

One of my all time favorite movies is The Proposal, directed by Anne Fletcher. This brilliant movie was released on June 19, 2009, in the USA. It is one of my favorites for many reasons: one, it is a romantic comedy, which is one of my favorite genres, and two, it is the movie that introduced me to Ryan Reynolds who plays Andrew Paxton and Sandra Bullock who plays Margaret Kate. These are two of my all time favorite actors and to have them in one film was life changing.

Margaret Tate is an editor and chief of a publication company who is originally from Canada and is in the US on a visa. She soon finds out that her visa is expired and she is told to move back to Canada. In order to keep her position, she convinces her assistant to temporarily act as her fiance, resulting in a marriage visa to take place. She informed Andrew that after they get married, once she gets her new visa, they will have a happy divorce and continue with their lives. To make the situation a little more life altering, she tells Andrew that without her, he will no longer have a job. Unwilling to lose his job and everything he’s worked so hard for, Andrew agrees to pretend to marry Margaret, with one condition, they have to go see Andrew’s family in Sitka, Alaska. Agreeing to his terms Margaret and Andrew head to Alaska. In Sitka, Margaret finds out how much of a life Andrew has and realizes that she has so much more than potential than scheduling her meetings and catering her coffee. Margaret meets his family and friends, everyone in the small town starts to build a bond with Margret giving her a pang of guilt for the fact that with one wrong move, she could be deported and Andrew could go to jail. As their adventure in Alaska continues, Margret no longer wants to change Andrew’s life, she has fallen in love and does not want to hurt Andrew, but Andrew has fallen in love with Margaret as well and when Margaret decides to leave and go back to Canada, Andrew is miserable. Can Andrew catch Margaret before she goes back to Canada? Will they actually end up married? Only time will tell.

The cast, in my opinion, was selected perfectly. Both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have slightly different comedic styles yet they blend very well creating two characters who start off hating each other than end up falling in love. Along with the two actors is one of my all time favorite actress Betty White, who played Andrews Grandmother, Grandma Annie/ Gammie. In any tense or feuding moment in the movie, Grandma Annie was always the comic relief. Following these was Andrew and Margaret’s biggest antagonist, Mr. Gilbertson, played by Denis Oa��hare. Mr. Gilbertson was a private investigator sent to find out whether Andrew and Margaret’s marriage was a fake or not. He would show up when you least expect it digging deeper and deeper into his investigation. The mesh of characters added in helped shows the type of relationship each main character had. For Andrew, everyone loved him, he was the poster child who did nothing wrong. Whereas Margaret was the character who everyone feared until she went to Sitka, Margaret didn’t try to make many relationships, she kept herself feared and distant and drowned herself into her work. Grandma Annie was that one grandma who everyone knows and loves, the one who is slightly ditsy with a huge sense of humor. Everyone in Sitka knew everyone and the characters in this movie were shaped to form a close bond between a small town.

For those who have not yet seen this movie, I would highly recommend that you watch it. It a little humor to end your day as well as an easily accessible movie. You can watch it on ABC or Freeform as well as on DVD or streaming. So next time you are bored and in a movie mood, grab a bag of popcorn, a drink, sit back and relax while you enjoy watching The Proposal.