Disney’s greatly anticipated Beauty and the Beast exceeds its high expectations


The animated film Beauty and the Beast has been an iconic Disney movie since its release in 1991. From Belle’s famous yellow dress to the touching relationships developed between the characters, this movie ticks off all the boxes for a perfect Disney film. The newly released live-action Beauty and the Beast is no different and lives up to the original’s greatness. Although the animation has been replaced, the new cast manages to retain the unique Disney charm that is known and loved.

The plot of the live-action film is no different from the original, as the unique and well-known story remains prominent in this movie. The protagonist, Belle, is from a village in France where she is scorned upon for enjoying books. She becomes a prisoner in the Beast’s castle and despite her fears, she becomes friends with the staff in the castle and confides in them. Belle manages to overlook the Beast’s exterior and perceives the kind heart and soul inside of him.

The soundtrack created for Beauty and the Beast was one of the movie’s best features. It incorporated many of the original film’s songs but gave it a modern twist. For example, the theme song, “Beauty and the Beast,” sung by Emma Watson, used the same lyrics and melody but had a more extensive accompanying background. The music corresponded with the tone of the movie and the screenplay alike. Apart from being in agreement with the film, the music itself was actually very enjoyable on its own. The songs have a contemporary vibe to them; one could listen to most songs without immediately realizing they’re from a Disney movie.

Emma Watson portrayed Belle with all of the allure of her animated form. Her independence and composure made her character just as special as a real Disney princess.”

The acting in Beauty and the Beast was so special and recreated the magic found in dozens of Disney movies before it. Emma Watson portrayed Belle with all of the allure of her animated form. Her independence and composure made her character just as special as a real Disney princess. Dan Stevens’, the actor who played the Beast, depiction of the Beast was subdued, yet fully endearing. The other characters, such as Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Cogsworth, had a sense of innocence and cheerfulness to their personalities. These characters were brought to life with superb, life-like graphics.

Some critics of Beauty and the Beast say that the new film relied too much on the first movie and that it was not original enough. However, I feel it’s unfair to argue this point as the newer movie was based on the original. The film would have been too unfamiliar if more elements had been changed. The degree of nostalgia inspired by the similarities between the two films was welcomed and enjoyable. In comparison, the 2015 remake of Cinderella was very similar to its original movie as well. In that sense, Beauty and Beast is no different from other Disney remakes.

All in all, the live-action Beauty and the Beast gives the original a contemporary makeover. The captivating music and the cast’s magical acting adds to the already engaging storyline. The charm and beauty of a classic Disney movie combined with today’s modern graphics and technology create an enthralling masterpiece that you won’t want to miss.