Le Bon Macaron provided less than an impression

Le Bon Macaron provided less than an impression

Sunny, bright afternoons have the tendency to put you in a good mood. The buds on the leaves in combination with runners sprinting off the treadmill and onto the treacherous, pothole smothered streets for the first time paints a smile on your face. It makes you want to go explore the streets and see what has arisen from the cold winter and budded into days of spring.

This Sunday was one of those days; while walking through the streets of East Town, I passed Le Bon Macaron. It’s a restaurant I had passed many times before, but on this day, I decided to stop in. We picked out six macaroons that were priced at $12.00. Each macaron was $2.00 no matter how many you bought, which I thought was a little unreasonable considering the macaroons were roughly the size of a half-dollar coin. If you were to buy any more than six, that would get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

The restaurant itself was beautifully decorated with an all-white interior and marble countertops. There was minimal seating so I wouldn’t recommend staying for long; however, they do offer an assortment of coffees so it would be a possible spot to stop and meet with a friend.

My friend and I picked out a range of macarons from Nutella to lavender. Each was a beautiful color, a perfect circle, and incredibly pleasing to the eye. Each tasted truly like their flavor, not artificial at all. However, all were also incredibly sweet, almost too sweet. After trying the first of my three, I almost felt sick from the overload of sweetness.

The restaurant was cute and well-decorated, and the macarons were pretty to look at, but I would not stop in again. The price was high and in my opinion, not worth the sugar overload that came with it. I’m glad I finally had the chance to experience the highly talked about Le Bon, but I was not overly impressed.