Player Profile: Max Smith

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Max Smith

Grade: 12

Sports(s): Bowling, rugby

 Who is your favorite teacher? Mr. Chudy

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lasagna

Favorite song currently? Patty Cake

When did you first start playing rugby? Senior Year

Who are your biggest influences? Harrison, Alec and BJ.”

Favorite sport to watch? Football

Favorite college? Michigan State University

Favorite Athlete? Tom Brady

If you could spend one day with any person, who would it be? Jordan Belfort in his prime.

Four things that people don’t know about you?

1.) I play the GameCube hard.

2.) I dove my freshman year.

3.) My grandma is from Argentina.

4.) I drive a Lexus.

A quote that describes how you feel about rugby:

“I wish I started playing earlier.”

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