What Senior Retreat Did For Me

Cooper James

I was already pumped up for senior year, but now I know it’s going to be the best year ever. After the senior retreat, some of my fading acquaintances are becoming people I talk to again, I’m in touch with my class beyond my normal clique, and the class as a whole is as united as ever. I went into the retreat with high expectations after hearing from the former classes how fun and unifying it was. My personal experience can only be described as furthering this opinion. I had a blast with people I rarely talk to, and this isn’t a small feat because, by senior year, most people know who they want to hang out with and who they are content on staying away from. The retreat also allowed me to become even more a part of the Class of 2016. It’s no secret that we’re not the most cohesive group of people and generally stay within our own friend groups we’ve made, but this past weekend has honestly changed that. I know that the people who went out to Camp Geneva came back feeling the most solidified with the class than they had in all of high school.

But beyond the effect of more school spirit, participation, and unity for the class, it also changed me. During the course of the retreat, I found myself sitting with people at meals that I’d never find myself with at a school lunch. I formed alliances in nine square with people I’d hardly said more than a few words to in the past couple years. I played volleyball with people I would’ve never expected to have an athletic bone in their body. This experience made me and the class step outside our comfort zones and interact with people we would never have had a chance to talk to otherwise.

I can also say that my school spirit is at an all time high. This past weekend made me realize that we are truly the leaders of the school and we can change how the year goes for everyone else. The atmosphere at the camp was contagious, and I know that by the second day even the people who came in skeptical were enjoying themselves and catching the air of fun around them.

I feel more in tune with old friends and people I’d just casually say hi to in the hallways. I’m overwhelmingly excited to be a senior on top of the food chain with a class that is connected to each other now. I’m changed in the sense that I’m looking forward to being at football games in the middle of everyone rather than being with my select group of friends in the middle of everyone. It’s not that I got less attached to my group of friends, rather I think my group of friends just got a little bigger and more solidified. This weekend was more than a day off from school for me. I turned into something that I thought would take a miracle to accomplish in a month. The senior class is ready to lead, ready to participate, and ready to make this a great year. And for myself, I’m ready to branch out and have a fun year with everyone in the class.