Wilderado is a prime example of alternate indie music


Differentiating themselves from the regular mix of alternative indie artists is ingenious Wilderado. With their lead singer, Max Helmerich’s powerful voice ringing through the rhythmic collection of sounds, their music goes far beyond what most other bands can produce. Each song by Wilderado is always distinctly different from their others, while simultaneously containing the signature elements that make their music so undeniably theirs.

One classic part of Wilderado songs is the lively string of notes echoing from the two lead guitarists’, Max Helmerich and Tyler Wimpee, guitars. One of Wilderado’s new songs, “Morning Light,” features their skills and the skills of the drummer, Justin Kila. Throughout that song, their talent and heart for music is evident. The thundering beat of the drums set the tone of “Morning Light,” and the strong guitar and bass line soon follow.

Their newest single, “Now That I’m Older,” was just released in March, and like all other Wilderado songs, it couldn’t be more addictive and electric. In the heat of the song, their electric guitar and drums shred through the momentary silence, and Helmerich’s low voice rumbles the meticulous lyrics. Beforehand, a soothing and somewhat muted piano is accompanied by a consistent bass line and deep vocals. That sudden switch of sounds is one of Wilderado’s signature moves, and it is especially apparent on their album, Latigo, which was released in the summer of 2016.

Latigo was a huge success and made a huge impression as it’s one of the few albums that Wilderado has actually put out. Every couple months or so, Wilderado has released a single album with soulful words and a groovy tune. Like many artists, their work cannot be rushed; so every song they release is mastered over and over again until they create complete perfection. The only difficulty with perfection is the intensive number of hours required to get to that point. Every member of Wilderado copes with both the stresses from the band, from their day jobs, and from the responsibility of taking care of their young families, while still managing to maintain their sanity. With such a wide variety of obligations, reaching mastery for every song becomes a harder task to achieve. Through it all, however, Wilderado’s constant push for their best work while also juggling the rest of their life is admirable.

Although many other artists have also been able to make the same variety of songs and still stick with their same vibe, not many can match the talent, work, and atmosphere created by Wilderado. Wilderado’s perseverance and mission to produces masterpiece songs is amazing to see in the music industry, especially since they are such a small group.