We won it then so don’t give it up now

We won it then so dont give it up now

In 1775 war officially broke out in our country; the cost of losing would be giving up any chance of freedom. But, if we won, the America envisioned by our founding fathers would become a reality. And win we did. The seven founding fathers then began our new nation in earnest, envisioning a place of freedom and equality. They set America on a path towards great things, but have we strayed too far from that path?

America seems to see the founding fathers’ dream for our nation more as a suggestion instead of guidelines. In the Preamble of the Constitution, it starts with, “We the people.” All of us, together, as one. But, unfortunately, we are not one people. We are divided by our blindness. Our political parties, religious beliefs, views on homosexuality, and all the other things that destroy the first three words of our nation’s constitution. Don’t get me wrong– it is not a bad thing to have your own opinions, and being able to openly express them is one of the many amazing things about our nation. However, when you choose to express that opinion with violent actions, or in any way that can harm others, you add the to rifts separating us.

The Preamble then goes on to read, “establish justice.” By saying this, the founding fathers mean ensuring fairness. The social subject of equality has always been an issue in our country. No matter what your opinion is on racism, homosexuality, or any other problem of equality, there is no other answer but fairness. Have your opinion, but don’t force it on others: not on your peers, your co-workers, or your children. Feel free to exercise your right to protest, to petition, to say what you feel; but it is not okay to viciously force that opinion on others.

These problems don’t just exist at only a national level. This is a problem that the Forest Hills community faces as well. Students and families alike are faced with the deep rifts of separation, whether it be the larger problems our nation faces, like a difference in opinion on a political issue, or the rifts between friend groups. It can happen between other sports and clubs, or the careful avoidance of interaction with someone who is different than you. Separation occurs when the right of free speech is abused on social media through the act of ranting and subtweeting. But no matter how it occurs, any kind of separation in our country is distressing.

In 1783 we won the Revolutionary War. We won our freedom and our independence, but it came with a cost. So many people lost their lives in the hopes that an America based on freedom could be enjoyed for many years after they were gone. The nation that was envisioned by the founding fathers and every soldier in that war is still possible, if only we stand up and start the change.