Life is a garden

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What you feed grows, what you starve dies. That single phrase has been running through my mind for the last few days. The longer I dwell on that thought, the more I realize its power and truth. When met with a fork in the road, there is always a choice to either empower or weaken the situation. If someone heard people gossiping about them behind their back, they could either dwell on that sorrow and make rash decisions about how they’ll handle the situation, or they could simply let go of the gossip and move past the judgment of others.

True, it’s always difficult to overcome such situations in life; however, whatever decision one chooses to make is all on that person. Everyone has so much power simply through their decisions and their words, and most people don’t even begin to realize the weight of their actions and words. It’s a definite choice between positive and negative, and the way one acts and uses them is what makes the difference.

Beyond friendships, what is life missing? Simply wishing for something to randomly just become a part of your life isn’t worthwhile, but feeding that passion and excitement for something is worth it. Way back when, maybe what you really wanted to be better at was art, but responsibilities and life held you back from that. Don’t wait any longer; that desire is not going anywhere, so why not indulge in it. Maybe a life with more kindness is a satisfying but unfulfilled way of life. Nourish the idea by starting with a few kind words a day. Be the person you want to be and block out what is toxic and unproductive in your life. To live to be a hundred years old and have regrets is the worst thought of all. Because what kind of life do you want? One of regrets, or one of rejoicing and living to the fullest? Life is like a garden: what is fed grows, and what is starved dies.

Each and every one of us has a decision to make when there is a fork in the road, and how we choose to direct ourselves down the path will be character defining. Life is truly a garden: what we choose to nourish grows, and what we starve will dissipate.

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