An open letter to whoever keyed my car

An open letter to whoever keyed my car


I’m not upset that there is a scratch on my car. If that was the goal, to make me frustrated that my car was damaged, you failed. I’m a 17-year-old who has had her license for just under a year. I’m happy to have made very few mistakes and slipped through my first year remaining accident-free; however, I’m 17 years old. I am supposed to give my Subaru a few bumps and scratches, hence the reason I drive a Subaru and not an Audi.

What I am upset about is your action. I don’t understand why you felt the need key my car. If you are upset with something I have done, that’s valid, but there are other ways to fix the problem. I try to be a relatively sympathetic, understanding person. If I did something to upset you, I can nearly guarantee I will feel regret and try to make it up to you. I have taken this just as personally as if you were to spread a rumor about me through the entire school in the sense that it is just unnecessary. I wish you could have just handled this with me, and perhaps face to face.

If you did this just to be funny, you’re not. You actions kind of suck. Regardless, whether you were with your buddies or trying to impress someone, in the words of your elementary school counselor, “that’s not cool!”

In the grand scheme of things, a scratch on my car is highly insignificant along with the anger or joy out of the person who exerted the action. “Look at the forest, not the trees, and make sure you don’t cut them down.” Life goes on, and the world keeps turning. I’ll be fine, and there are plenty of good things in my day to cover the bad. You didn’t win anything, but next time, choose actions that don’t suck.