The Contingency Plan Preview Q&A


Film: The Contingency Plan

Producer: Hayden McCarthy

1. What theme would you consider your film?

“Justice and revenge.”

2. Can you give a brief overview of the plot of your film?

“Three men are sent on a mission to the heart of Russia in an effort to take down a criminal organization.”

3.What inspired the storyline?

“We have always wanted to create a film with lots of action, and this is it. Although there were many struggles involved with having a large cast, we wanted to work with multiple characters to create a much more dynamic storyline.”

4. Through your film, what message are you conveying to your audience?

“Throughout the film, we convey the message that good will prevail, even though hardships may happen along the way.”

5. How is your film different than others being shown?

“What sets our film apart from the rest is the military theme that we have going on. Another thing is the production cost because our story requires not only costumes/uniforms, but prop weapons, as well as vehicles including dirt bikes and ATVs.”

6. Can you provide details of your filming/editing process?

“The filming and editing process of this production is a very complex one. Because of how many characters most of our scenes require, we had to be flexible and actually end up cutting a few scenes from the original script. All in all, the filming process was very fun to take on. The editing that we have done to our film has taken a lot of time because of the multitude of special effects including guns and explosions.”

7. How did you pick your actors/actresses?

“It took us quite a long time to cast our film. We all had a very distinct picture of what our characters look like and how they act/speak long before the roles were chosen. This made it very difficult yet very worthwhile when we were finally able to find suitable actors.”

8. What can your audience expect to get out of your film?

“Our audience can expect to get a lot of enjoyment out of our film and they will surely be kept on the edges of their seats.”

9. What was your favorite part of the creation process?

“My favorite part of creating this film was definitely the editing process because that was when it really came to life. With layers upon layers of audio and video clips, we have successfully achieved a very cinematic effect and that is when it all pays off.”

10. How do you hope your audience will react?

“We hope to see our audiences be very thrilled by our film, and wanting to see more when it is over.”