Anonymous acts of love


The hallways are filled with posters.


“FHC Crew”

“Join The Central Trend”

“FHC Softball”

Promote promote promote.

The occasional motivational poster or sign promising that you can get through the day hangs; however, these posters blend into the background all too much only to be read by a few passersby who are only attempting to prolong their bathroom break or trip to the office. The lack of love lying among the promotions is all too apparent, until today.
Walking into the halls of FHC this morning was a little different, a little happier, there were a few more smiles. Spread across the lockers were colorful, handwritten shapes cut out from construction paper, each with a short message written with the goal to put a smile on someone’s face.

While students of FHC are used to a message or two popping up on their locker, typically from culprit of the Boost Club, these messages are different. These messages are independent, each written, and single-handedly equipped with a drawing and a fun cut-out. A single student created each of these signs with only the intention of providing a smile or two.

The best part of this project is the fact that the student remains completely anonymous.

“This was nothing but a selfless act,” said Teresa Miller, counselor and one of the few people to know the name behind the act.

These signs made the students of FHC smile.

“Everyone is so stressed out right now, and for someone to take all that time and do such a selfless thing made a lot of people smile,” said junior Ellie Matelic.

Miller thinks what the student did is amazing saying “she just did it,” regardless of the time it took or the stress the student was likely feeling along with the rest of the student body as the year wraps up.

It is difficult to imagine how much time this would have taken, but as the student has chosen to stay anonymous, this question will remain unanswered along with any other question one may wish to ask this incredible, selfless person.

Each sign is interesting and creative, sharing an assortment of messages ranging from quotes to facts to inspirational messages. Walking along the hallway, students reading them will laugh and smile.

“These next few weeks are going to be long and stressful, and I would just like to thank the person who has made it a little less stressful for everyone,” Ellie said.