Little Lucy’s breakfast is worth waking up early for


Considering the monstrosity I am in the morning, I suppose it’s contradictory that I am a fan of breakfast. As per my belief that nothing needs to happen before nine a.m., I prefer to break my nighttime fast around mid-morning.

That was not the case when I walked into Little Lucy’s, located on Plainfield Avenue, at a little too early of a time. My eyes, still doused in remnants of sleep, were blinded by the cheery, bright blue walls and atmosphere. However, the food that I was to indulge in made up for my limited slumber.

I didn’t even look at a menu, I knew I would be ordering french toast– I needed a picker-upper after my early rising. My plate arrived at my table looking immaculate. The toast was toasted to perfection and showered with powdered sugar. I was provided with little dishes of butter (I appreciated the spherical form) and syrup– I had all the essentials.

Thankfully the taste lived up to the dish’s impeccable presentation. It was the kind of french toast that you always aspire to create, with a present- but not overwhelming- egg flavor. It was sweet and salty all at once and fluffier than I could ever hope for. I adored the flawless texture of the bread. As for critiques, I would not have minded cinnamon flavoring of any kind, though the powdered sugar sufficed.

I also had the opportunity to try the bacon cinnamon roll, which was basically a maple bacon donut in cinnamon roll form– so I had no complaints. The frosting and the roll itself was delicious. It was sprinkled with bite-size bacon bits, adding dimension to the texture and taste of the overall roll.

Very few things or places can drag me out of bed in the early hours of the day, but I’d say that the food of Little Lucy’s was worth the early-morning venture. I just might drag myself out of bed again to visit Little Lucy’s for another morning time meal.