Week two varsity football predictions and bold statements

Week two varsity football predictions and bold statements

Sports Report Staff, Editors in Chief

Every week for the rest of the season, the sports report staff will post a prediction page including score predictions and bold statements about the upcoming game Thursday or Friday night. These ideas will come from sports Editor in Chief Jake Heilman, assistant sports Editor Ty George and a special guest every week. This week’s guest: Central Trend Adviser and head varsity basketball coach Ken George.

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 20- West Ottawa 13

Why: The Ranger offense took a half to find its stride last week against Jenison, and this week the guys find themselves competing with a better defensive opponent. West Ottawa not only has home stadium advantage, but has a grass field which is an advantage in itself for the Panthers this week. I think the Ranger defense will hold strong but could surrender some points to the passing offense of West Ottawa and star wide receiver Xavier Wade. Seniors Bryce Clay and Kade Shomin will need to keep the Ranger secondary active, while seniors Jace Thornton and Moise Guerrier keep possession of the ball and lead long drives down the field.

Bold game prediction: Moise Guerrier accounts for all three scores this week – 2 rushing and 1 receiving.

Ty’s score prediction: FHC 27-West Ottawa14

Why: With a lot of momentum carrying over from their 41-0 opening week win, the Rangers will be tested on how they react after a win. I think this senior group will lead and keep the younger guys composed after winning a lot of games last year as juniors. The key will be containing West Ottawa’s best player and wide receiver Xavier Wade. It will be interesting to see what the Rangers do behind center whether it’s Jace Thornton or Luke Majick. Either way they will look to sling it a little more this week with no better target to sling it to than Bryce Clay. If Bryce plays like he did in week one, then it should be smooth sailing in this one for the Rangers.

Bold game prediction: 3 passing touchdowns as a team

Mr. George’s score prediction: FHC 14 – West Ottawa 3

Why: Scouting is such an important part of defensive schemes, and now both teams have a full game of film to watch. With two outstanding coaches – Tim Rogers and Ryan Oshnock – I expect both teams will be very prepared to stop what the other team does best. Obviously, FHC relies on the athleticism of Bryce Clay and Mo Guerrier, so I expect West Ottawa to try to take those two players away. For West Ottawa, Xavier Wade is the key. I’m sure the Rangers have a plan to stop him. Scoring will be hard to come by, but the Rangers will overpower the Panthers in the end.

Bold game prediction: Jace Thornton scores both FHC touchdowns on short, explosive runs up the middle, and Tate Hallock comes up with a big interception to stop a key drive.