Annie Seeber makes the most of her high school experience


When the bright lights of the FHC auditorium turn on for show nights, and the rows of chairs begin to fill with people, behind the stage is a flurry of activity. At the middle of it all is junior Annie Seeber.

As head of Hair and Makeup for the FHC theater, Annie puts lots of time and effort into making sure everyone under her leadership is prepared for show nights, and that the night runs smoothly. But while it may take some hard work, the reward is worth it to Annie.

“Being behind the scenes is so exciting,” Annie said. “You really get to know everyone, and it’s so fun to see them on stage.”

Ever since she was a kid, Annie has been involved in theater. Whether up on stage with Civic Theater or the Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Chorus, it’s always been a place for Annie to be herself. It was only recently that she started her career behind the scenes.

“It happened really weirdly,” Annie said. “I was in the girl’s locker room, and the head from a couple years ago, Ally Royce, saw me braiding someone’s hair. She asked if I wanted to join. I said “okay,a�� and then suddenly I was the head. It was kind of insane! But it’s so great. I love it. It’s been such a great experience.”

Along with theater, a big part of Annie’s life is choir. For the last eight years, she has been a part of the Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Chorus. She has also been in FHC’s choir ever since it became an option in sixth grade.

Her obvious inclination towards the creative side of life also show through her preferences at school.

“I love to read, and I love to write, too,” Annie said. “But I’ve never been good at math or science. I like being more creative.”

Annie’s expressive personality is also evident in her choice of a language, American Sign Language. She is in her second year of the course and is treasuring every moment of it.

“I definitely want to continue ASL as I absolutely love it,” Annie said. “I love learning about the culture and how visual it is. I wanted to do it because I hated Spanish. When I signed up, I wasn’t expecting much, just an easy class. I ended up falling in love with it, and I’m even thinking about going into a career where I can use it every day.”

But if there is one thing that really sticks out about Annie, it’s her amazing approach to high school. We all want to experience as much as we can in our four years here, but Annie is actually doing it.

“I kind of dabble in everything,” Annie said. “I’m trying to do some clubs this year hopefully and see different sides of the school. I don’t really do one thing usually. I like to jump around.”