IHOP’s new French Toast Doughnuts are a delightful treat


When and why does one decide to go to the old, classic IHOP? Two occasions: it’s morning, and you’re craving a stack of fresh pancakes. Or it’s midnight, and you and your friends are looking for a late night snack adventure. I stumbled into IHOP under neither of those circumstances and found myself trying a new limited-time, summer special.

IHOP is currently featuring their French Toast Doughnuts. They come in the flavor options of Bacon, Strawberry, or Apple Fritter. I ordered all three to try and share with my friend that I was with. The sizes of the doughnuts were perfect for sharing, and all three had unique flavors.

I first tried the bacon donut. I immediately had a wave of flavor come over me between the smoky bacon mixed with the caramel that was topping the pastry. I had a few more bites, then moved onto the strawberry. This next one was a bit underwhelming to my taste buds, but that does not mean it was not enjoyable to eat. The topping was a thin syrup (similar to a crepe filling) that was sweet and flavorful. Although it was good, I did not find it as something new. The last doughnut I tried was the Apple Fritter. Immediately after my first bite, I sensed familiarity that also brought something new to the table. It reminded me of apple pie, but the fluffy pastry underneath the apple garnish gave me a unique treat that I hadn’t tried before.

I decided that Apple Fritter was my favorite, though my friend that I was with liked Strawberry the best. Overall, IHop’s new French Toast Doughnuts are a delightful treat that are a must try before they are taken off the menu.