Popping the bubble #1: introduction


Those who’ve had their eyes trained on The Central Trend during these first two weeks have probably noticed all the drastic changes to our site: a revamped website, new stories, and an abundance of content (read all about it here). Another new addition has been the introduction of series, in an effort to give more to our readers’ maybe you’ve noticed Kati’s weekly columns or Hannah’s biweekly series.

I, of course, had to get a word in. So, I too will be producing a biweekly series’ but mine will be a bit different.

For those who don’t know me personally, I am very opinionated. I live for controversy and arguments, and I do not shy away from politics. To me, politics and current events are incredibly interesting, and it disappoints me that so many kids my age are so disconnected from what’s happening in our world.

Moreover, the “Forest Hills Bubble” stereotype reiterates that FH kids specifically are oblivious to the surrounding world beyond the foolproof walls of the supposed “bubble.”

So, in the spirit of “popping the bubble,” every two weeks I will be publishing a sort of recap of the past two weeks’ news. What I choose to include will range from the biggest news, to the most interesting, to news people may have missed out on, to news I just want to chat about (most likely because I have a very strong opinion about it). Reliable, concrete information will always be a priority, along with my personal thoughts thrown in here and there.

This first post was to serve as a bit of an introduction. Come back in two weeks, when I’ll be posting about the currents events to occur in these coming days. Don’t let the bubble drown it out.