Player Profile: Jimmy Scholler

Player Profile: Jimmy Scholler

Moise Guerrier, Sports Reporter

Name: Jimmy Scholler

Grade: Sophomore

Position: Quarterback

Why do you play football?

“The reason I play football is because I love the sport and have a blast with the people on the team.”

Who is your biggest inspiration throughout your entire athletic career?

“My biggest inspiration to play athletics is my father. He was a good athlete in his day.”

What are you doing in the off season to help out the team? What do you plan your role being on varsity next year?

“If I decide to play football next season, I will throw the ball with star junior quarterback Luke Majick over the weekends.”

What’s one thing you like about FHC?

“I really like FHC especially for it’s athletics. I really like all of the great coaches and awesome teammates.”

What’s a quote about your sport or life that motivates you?

“A quote that has always motivated me is from Coach Ty Hallock. He always says, “One snap and clear.”