Player Profile: Audrey Tubbs


Name: Audrey Tubbs

Grade: Senior

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Libero

Club: Far Out Volleyball

Years playing: 6

Why do you play volleyball?

“I play volleyball because I like that something happens at every point and it is always interesting. I like getting to play as a defender because I like the challenge of not letting the ball hit the floor.”

What has been your biggest motivation in your volleyball career?

My motivation comes from just wanting to get better so I can do the best that I can for my team.”

What is your personal goal for this season?

This season, being my last season with FHC volleyball, I just want to leave it all out on the court to leave knowing that I did everything I could, that I always played at my highest potential.”

Talk a little about your time being apart of FHC volleyball, this year and previous years.

“FHC volleyball is something I think we are all really lucky to be apart of. Throughout the years I’ve always had good coaches and people that have inspired me to be a better player and I’m really thankful for that.”