Season four of Bachelor in Paradise is a crowd disappointment

Season four of Bachelor in Paradise is a crowd disappointment

Payton Field , Assistant Marketing Manager

Seventeen people, a tropical island filled with beauty, and a chance to find love. It sounds like the perfect scenario and place to find a soulmate, right? No, wrong. Since 2014, the notorious series Bachelor in Paradise has captured the hearts of many loyal fans and attempted to provide the most impeccable situation in order to find love. But what this reality TV show fails to do is just that. Less than five couples, in almost every season, leave paradise together. There is always an insane amount of heartbreak and drama, which in turn, is one of the reasons why I have grown to strongly dislike this show.

In the most recent season (four), there were seventeen people that started off on the show: Corinne Olympios, Raven Gates, Amanda Stanton, Alexis Waters, Derek Peth, DeMario Jackson, Lacey Mark, Kristina Schulman, Nick Benvenutti, Danielle Maltby, Taylor Nolan, Robby Hayes, Ben Zorn, Jasmine Goode, Alex Woytkiw, Vinny Ventiera, and Dean Unglert. But before the season could even truly begin, there was a misconduct, and production was suspended for a few weeks after claims were made about an alleged sexual misconduct between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. The show began a few weeks later, and new rules were set in stone.

One reason that I do not approve of this show is because it does more harm than good. In almost all of the seasons, many contestants have left the show due to intense heartbreak. Each week, new arrivals appear in paradise and often dismantle already strong relationships. For example, in the most recent season, Dean Unglert and Krystina Schulman began the show with a strong connection. After new arrival, Danielle Lombard, showed up and took Dean on a date, the relationship began to crumble. Krystina was left in the dust, heartbroken and sad. Throughout the episodes after, Dean struggled to make up his mind between Krystina and Danielle. Both girls were stuck in a competitive love triangle that broke the both of them. Ultimately, this proves the point of the show providing more pain than gain.

In my opinion, not getting a rose or not forming relationships right off the bat is emotionally damaging. Having to watch people around you finding love and not finding it yourself is hard and not an enjoyable environment. The point of paradise is supposed to be to find love, and more often than that, these contestants leave in tears.

Not only that, but the relationships never last past the show. They always end up splitting up when they have to live in the real world together. In last year’s season, Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray ended the season engaged but called off the wedding only a short time after paradise ended. This is yet another example of an emotionally-damaging result.

In addition to heartbreak, the show includes too much scripted drama. In season four, Jasmine causes drama on multiple occasions due to love triangles and enemies on the show. The show itself is meant for people to find love, and having to watch insane amounts of drama between contestants is boring and personally makes me want to turn the TV off.

Thankfully, the show is at its end, and there is a long few months ahead before the new season starts again. So as the commercials begin to play, I beg of you to not be drawn into Bachelor in Paradise. It is not worth it.