Player Profile: MJ Francisco


Tobey Hendricks, Sports Reporter

Name: Mj Francisco

Grade: 12th

Sport: Boys Soccer

Position: Outside Midfielder

Being a Senior MJ has been contributing very nicely to this FHC Boys Soccer team. Currently MJ has 2 goals on the field and is playing both sides of the ball as he is a midfielder

When did you start playing soccer?

I started playing soccer when I was 7 and instantly fell in love with the sport. I really enjoy the competition and the feeling of success..

What is your personal goal for this season?W

My personal goal for this season is to be an all conference player.

Where do you want to play in college?

For college I hope to be able to play at either Hope College or Belmont University.

What is your favorite part about FHC?

My favorite part of FHC is our school spirit and how supportive people are to each other whether it is in the halls or even outside of school.

Favorite Soccer Player?

Growing up my favorite soccer player has always been Ronaldinho who plays for both FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team.