5 keys to week four at Greenville

Jake Heilman, Sports Editor in Chief

Beat the cover two:

Junior left handed quarterback Luke Majick is starting to settle in that starting role at the right time, with FHC’s conference play heating up. Greenville is a majority cover two team, and it will be huge to find those big play makers down the sidelines away from the safeties overtop. Luke and senior quarterback Jace Thornton will also have to split the field right down the middle to interior receivers to keep the Greenville secondary honest, and then go back to pounding the deep corner route.

Stay positive in the turnover margin:

Even in a 44 point victory over the Ottawa Hills Bengals, FHC turned the ball over more than they are comfortable with. It will be important for the Ranger defense to force turnovers, and for the Ranger offense to hold on to the ball.

Play for the pass while keeping the run game in check:

Greenville’s offense is over 50 percent pass, however, the Yellow Jacket’s running backs can be lethal from start to finish. FHC’s front seven will look to put away any threat of an inside run game, with the linebacking core still dropping back into pass coverage. The secondary is going to keep their heads on a swivel and make open field tackles, helping shut down the outside run game.

Take advantage of the conference:

With arch rival Lowell falling to East Grand Rapids for the first time in seven years last week, the Rangers are in sole possession of the OK white football conference. The opportunity has never been more open for the Rangers to win a tough OK white conference. I won’t sugarcoat the fact that Lowell is an outstanding football team, but FHC has an outstanding opportunity to make a statement this week and show that they are truly the top dogs of this conference.

Key players of the week:

I’m putting the responsibility on the lethal Ranger linebacking core led by seniors Isaac Torrey and Andy Trapp. They are tenacious tacklers that will take on a big role with the pass game and run game being big for Greenville. These two will also need to be verbal leaders, like always, if this team is going to have big success.