Player Profile: Ally Ringler


Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Name: Ally Ringler

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Girls Varsity Golf

With the start of the new golf season, Ally Rigler is returning for her second year and hoping to beat her own records. She is the only sophomore on the team and so far this season, her lowest score is 79 for 18 holes and 39 for 9 holes.

This season has been alright, it’s been a lot better than last year but personally I could do a lot better

Why do you play golf and who are your biggest influences?

I play golf because I love the sport and it’s fun to play, and my biggest supporter is probably my mom because she believes in me and she cheers me up when I’m not playing well

What are you doing to try to improve this team?

I want to go to state maybe but that’s a big goal.

What have you experienced in your time with the FHC golf program?

Getting to play with some of my best friends and I get to meet a lot of new people.”

What is a key to your team’s success this season?

if you’re doing bad your team can always cheer you up while you’re playing and it’s just good being all close to each other