Dances- They’re Really Not That Bad

Cooper James, Staff Writer

Here’s everything you need to know about my opinion on dances: you should go. It’s that simple. I’ll give you a whole article on why you should go and why they’re really not that bad, but in the end, you should just go.

Dances aren’t really that bad. They’re a fun time for everyone to hang out with their friends as well as people from the whole school. Hanging out with friends is always a good time, so why should a school dance be any different? It’s the still the same people, the only difference is that the event is sponsored by the school. And if that’s the reason you’re not going, I’ve got something to say about that too. Yes, I know dances are at the school and there’s staff there, but overall it’s still a good way to show school spirit. Dances are an easy school event to participate in and a lot of kids go to them. You’re not going to be the only one on the gym floor. No, there’s going to be plenty of other people there that you know and can have fun with.

Dances are also a special part of high school. Do you hear adults talking about the classes they took in high school or the assemblies they went to? No, they talk about their magical nights at dances with their friends, and sometimes special friends, that they had a great night with. Dances are truly a memorable part of high school, and missing out on them is really just missing out on great memories you could’ve had.

And if you’re doubting that dances are going to be memorable or fun, then my answer is this: dances are what you make them. So when you go, don’t walk into the school like it’s Monday morning, because it’s not. Have the mentality to make it a fun night when you walk through the doors, and when you walk out, I promise you’ll have had a great time. Your attitude about dances can have a huge effect on your night but also others. So be considerate and have a positive attitude about the dance.

If you’re still not convinced to go, I think I know the problem. You just can’t find that right person to ask. Here’s what you do: don’t stress. Don’t worry about who you’re going to ask because again, the night is what you make it, so anyone you choose should be someone you have fun with. The real issue is being brave enough to summon up the courage to ask. But here’s the thing, asking someone should be fun, not a hassle. Being creative and unique is the best way to ask someone, and by far the most memorable. Make the ask a personal thing or an inside joke, because that’s going to mean the most to the person you’re asking. The weird asks that most people wouldn’t understand are the best because, well, when aren’t inside jokes funny?

Another thing to keep in mind is not to stress. There’s no pressure in asking anyone, and if there is stress then something’s probably wrong. If you’re worried about asking someone in general, or if you’re worried they could say no, then don’t ask. If it’s the right person to ask then they’ll say yes and you’ll know that’s what they’ll say. So find a person that you know is right and just go for it. Don’t stress, just find a creative way to ask them that’ll make them laugh and you can’t go wrong.

If after all this you still can’t find the right person to ask, then you still have no reason to stay at home that night. Go with a group of friends who didn’t ask anyone either, and you can still have a great time. You won’t have to entertain a date all night, and you’re free to hang out with anyone at the dance. Going without a date is still a fun option and it doesn’t mean you can’t go to dinner or an after party either. Often the before and after parts of the dance are the best. Eating out with friends is always a fun thing to do, and hanging out with them after just feels like a typical Saturday night. So don’t worry about being a good dancer (even I go to these things), stressing about asking someone, or having a good time (because you will.) Just go and have fun. That’s all there is to it.