Freshmen football keeps rolling, demolishes Greenville 39-0

Freshmen football keeps rolling, demolishes Greenville 39-0

Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Finding the promised land was not a problem Thursday night for the Rangers, as they defeated the Greenville Yellow Jackets soundly 39-0. Huge performances from Sawyer Bosch and Carson Mocherman were key to last night’s blowout. However, the running game was not the number one reason why the Rangers racked up almost 40 on the Yellow Jackets. The offensive line was the main key to their second highest amount of points they’ve scored this season.

“The coaches taught them to play so well,” Quarterback Carson Mocherman said “We love how they play with such heart and dedication.”

The offensive line provided so many big blocks and opened gaps so Sawyer could perform his magic. Sawyer ended up with 3 touchdowns on the day, all 3 in the first half. Maguire Mahacek had a couple great QB sneaks, along with fellow QB Carson Mocherman. Carson also scored a ten yard rushing touchdown while tallying up the only passing touchdown of the day.

“The mindset of my running was just to follow my fullback and my guard,” Sawyer said. “They helped me reach the gap as quick as possible so I could get lots of yardage.”

Head coach Ty Hallock gave his offensive line credit for a big-time day on the ground and a fantastic day getting the ball into the end zone.

“It’s just continuing to preach the mindset of being aggressive off the football,” Hallock said. “When our guys have certain calls to make and we have double teams, we make sure we are pushing ourselves off the ball.”

The Rangers defaulted to what worked: running the ball with Sawyer. The offensive line opened up numerous running lanes and made life in the backfield easy. FHC’s best offensive strike was a deep ball from Carson downfield, catching the Yellow Jacket defense off guard. It went for the longest touchdown of the night.

The Rangers hope to make an impressive 4 game win streak, but they will have to go through the Northview Wildcats on the road to do so. If the team keeps making few mistakes like they did today, they will sure to be a definite contender at the top of the OK white conference. They will obviously have some very important games coming up.

“Although it was a great win, there are still of plenty of mistakes we saw,” Hallock said. “All the little things add up in the long run but for the most part these guys executed very well.”