Week four varsity football predictions and bold statements

Week four varsity football predictions and bold statements

Sports Report Staff

FHC takes on a 2-1 Greenville Yellow Jacket team in Greenville for their second OK white matchup of the season.

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 35 – Greenville 33

Why: Greenville was the only team besides Lowell to deal FHC a loss last season. Although Greenville does not have nearly as many defensive studs as they did last season, they have proven to give teams fits with their cover two scheme. The Yellow Jackets are also looking for a bounce back after getting throttled by the Red Hawks of Cedar Springs, and will want to defend the home stadium. I think it will be a tougher matchup than FHC gives credit for.

Bold statement: Two of FHC’s touchdowns will come from the defense or the special teams unit.

Ty’s score prediction: 27-10

Why: The Rangers cruised through Ottawa Hills and look for a bit of a tougher game Friday. Greenville is a solid program who beat FHC last season, but they shouldn’t be as good this year. I look for a big game on the ground from juniors Luke Majick and Cam Deines and a stout defensive game from the rangers.

Bold statement: Luke Majick runs for 2 touchdowns.

Mr. George’s score prediction: FHC 31 – Greenville 7.

Why: Greenville got beaten up last week by Cedar Springs – a team that lacks the athletes that FHC has. I understand that playing on the road is tougher, but momentum is really on the Rangers’ side on this one. Greenville will punch us in the face early in the game with a quick touchdown, but our physicality and speed will gradually take over. It’s 14-7 at halftime, but the second half is dominated by FHC.

Bold statement: Daniel Riser makes a 45-yard field goal.