Player Profile- Jared Ireland

Player Profile- Jared Ireland

Tobey Hendricks, Sports Reporter

Name: Jared Ireland

Sport: Boys soccer

Position: Goalkeeper

Who is your favorite soccer player?

“My favorite soccer player is Gianluigi Buffon who is a goalie for both Juventus and the Italian national team.”

What are your stats so far throughout this season?

“I currently have played 8 games so far, in those 8 games I have 5 shutouts. I have let in only 4 goals and have a total of 42 saves.”

Why do you play soccer?

“I have played soccer my entire life and I continue to play because I really enjoy it and it is something I am good at.”

What is your favorite part about Forest Hills Central?

“Definitely the teachers that I have had throughout my 4 years here, they all really care for the students and do their job very well.”

What is your personal goal for this season?

“My personal goal for this season is to set the record for most shutouts in a year.”

What are your future plans for college and soccer?

“I plan to study marketing or business and play soccer at a competitive level. At the moment I am unsure of where I would like to play.”