Player Profile: Jessica Hurbanis


Name: Jessica Hurbanis

Grade: 10th

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Right side attacker

How would you describe your recent success?

“I am extremely thankful”

What’s your reason for playing Volleyball?

” The reason I play volleyball is because of my love for the game, every time I hit the ball it’s such a great adrenaline rush.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your entire athletic career?

” My biggest inspiration has been my 8th-grade coach Alex Stacy because she really inspired me to stay motivated and cheer my teammates on”

What are your upcoming plans with Volleyball?

“My plans for the near future is to come back next year and make FHC’s Varsity Volleyball team.”

When did you start playing Volleyball?

“I started in 5th grade”

How long have you been playing Volleyball for FHC?

“Since 7th grade”


“Something that really keeps me going strong is that my teammates are always cheering for one another and that we’re all really supportive of each other.”