Wolfgang’s makes the weary traveler feel at home


It’s still dark out, and the rain pounds on my windshield as I try to navigate my way through the windy, red-brick roads of Eastown. What usually looks perky during the day now looks ominous in this storm, and the streets aren’t even awake yet- it’s 6:50 in the morning- but I’m determined to beat the line.

Finally, I see the bold letters shining in red neon lights: Wolfgang’s Restaurant. I slide smoothly into a parallel parking spot and eagerly enter the building.

Had I come just a few hours later, there would have been a line that wrapped around the block. I’ve driven by Wolfgang’s countless times, and it is always packed with happy customers. Luckily, I had planned ahead this morning to dodge the wait. I am greeted at the door by open arms and smiling faces; immediately, I feel at home.

Even at such an early hour- only twenty minutes after Wolfgang’s opened for the day- there were customers sitting at booths. The restaurant seemed to be a frequent gathering place for old friends to catch up, laugh, and feast.

Ushering me into an adjoining room with more booths, my waitress situates me in the coziest-looking one. The backs of the booth seats were high and protective, allowing for each table to laugh loudly while still maintaining only a dim chaos across the floor.

Being in Wolfgang’s felt like sitting in a time capsule; the minutes ticked by without the usual hurry and hustle of the day.

My waitress presents me with an extensive menu, initially overwhelming me with the great variety of breakfast choices. Just skimming the list of pancakes, omelettes, and benedict varieties makes me drool.

I order their signature hot chocolate: the Cafe Wolfgang. The description teases me with a promised dollop of whipped cream; when it comes, it’s even better than I imagined. The cream balances between frothy and sweet, melting on my tongue with each sip. Before long, I’m scooping it out with my spoon and eating it like ice cream.

My Westsider breakfast plate comes out in no time. A plate bigger than my head bears hash browns, three eggs, and a Polish sausage. I can’t contain my excitement when I see that the hash browns are topped with cheddar cheese and grilled onions; my fork digs in and pulls out a long strand of melty cheese.

Being in Wolfgang’s felt like sitting in a time capsule; the minutes ticked by without the usual hurry and hustle of the day. By the time I got up to leave, I had forgotten about the storm outside. It was more mellow now– the sky lightened to a pale purple, and the rain had subsided.

The platter I ordered was enormous, but every last bite made my tastebuds dance. When I finished, my only wish was that I could fit more food in my stomach.

It’s fitting that their meals feel like those cooked at home; Wolfgang’s is known for its casual and cozy ambiance. From their welcoming staff to their delicious breakfast, I felt more at ease than I ever have in a restaurant– it was like taking my worries off at the door and coming home to familiar friends.