Despite great comebacks, varsity volleyball loses to Northview 3-0

Despite great comebacks, varsity volleyball loses to Northview 3-0

Alaina Tubbs, Sports Reporter

In the first home game of the season, varsity volleyball was unable to win against the Northview Wildcats, losing 3-0, putting them at 0-2 in conference play.

The start of the first game was rather slow for the team, as they fell to an 8-1 deficit, and forcing head coach Colleen Shields take a timeout. After the minute break, nothing got seemed to get any better; the ladies earned themselves two points, but Northview was able to get seven in that time, putting them behind 13-3. The Rangers were able to get back into the game when Northview made several mistakes in a row, putting the score at 19-13 Wildcats and making Northview take a timeout. Despite the comeback, they were defeated 25-19.

Similar to the first game, the second didn’t start any better. Fortunately, it was not as big of a deficit for them, only down 8-4. The team was being very consistent with their hitting, which got the score within two at 10-8 Wildcats. Still, Northview went on another point run, once again making Shields take a timeout. Later in the game, the girls, led by senior captain Kendall Gardner, were still being very consistent with their hitting, allowing them to obtain a five-point run, putting the score 23-20. They were able to earn two more points before Northview finished off the game, 25-22, giving FHC another loss.

The third game of the night started out better for the Rangers, getting the first point and their first lead of the entire night, unfortunately, it didn’t last. Northview was able to regain the lead for the rest of the game. When the score reached 10-5, Shields took a timeout to talk to her team. She then used another timeout later in the game, when it was 18-12 Wildcats. With their hitting remaining consistent, the ladies fought back for six straight points, putting them back in the game at 20-18 and making Northview’s head coach use a timeout. Even with another great comeback from the team, they were still defeated 25-20, giving FHC a tough 3-0 loss on the night.