Player profile: Connor Genschaw


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: Connor Genschaw

Grade: 12th

Sport: Boys Varsity Tennis

Flights: 1 singles

What can you do to keep succeeding this season?

“I have only had 2 losses and I continue to keep it that way! As long as we continue to practice hard, our team will have little to no future losses.”

What are you season stats so far this season?

“8-2 with wins against Cranbrook, Northern, Detriot Country Day, Okemos(top in D2). And losses against Portage Central and Grose Pointe North which I plan on beating next time we play them.”

What is your outlook on this season?

“Tennis season is exciting and competitive for all our positions! That’s why everyone on the team has fun and is always motivated to strive to get better every day.”

Why do you play tennis?

“I chose to play tennis because I have never meshed well with other sports. Although I like doubles, I enjoy singles because there is always constant playing instead of football or baseball where you have to wait until you get your chance to actually play in the game; I never wanted to wait and instead wanted to be constantly playing. That’s why I picked up the sport of tennis: you are always playing.”

What is your inspiration for playing the sport?

“My biggest inspiration was the people playing on the TV; I have always wanted to be as good as the best: Roger Federer, Del Potro, and Rafel Nadal (tennis professionals). Although, one person who gives me motivation, and inspiration as well, is my coach Kurt Brummel. He pushes me every practice to a new level which makes me the player that I am today.”

What are your college or future plans?

“I am looking to play tennis in college at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.”

How many years have you played?

“I have been playing tennis since the age of three; I am 17 today.”

Who is your favorite tennis player?

“My favorite tennis player is Juan Mart n del Potro.”