5 keys to week five against Northview

Jake Heilman, Sports Editor in Chief

Contain number one wideout, Cody Tierney:

FHC’s secondary will be challenged again this week against another pass-heavy offense. Despite Northview’s recent scoring woes, their pass game has provided some big plays due to Cody Tierney’s downfield ability. This will be important for senior secondary members Kade Shomin and Kyle Basch along with junior secondary members Cam Deines and Tate Hallock to be able to shut this down. In doing so, they will nullify all Wildcat offensive threats.

Don’t bite on the trick plays:

With FHC’s former offensive coordinator on the other sideline, Northview head coach Tripp Gallery, the offensive schemes will be no secret. Gallery is known for being creative and running the high risk/high reward type of plays. With Northview out of the playoff race, there is a nothing to lose attitude that could bring to the game Friday night. Look for the Wildcat offense to run some trickery against this defense, doing anything to get into the end zone against a stout Ranger defense.

Stay more disciplined and penalty-free:

Last week, FHC ran into major problems with penalties, especially on scoring plays and opportunities. This week will be an important cleanup week before they go in and take on FHN and Lowell in the weeks to come. The offense had their best week yet as far as production last week but had their worst week of the season as far as total penalties and total penalty yards.

Hold onto the ball in the red zone:

Red zone turnovers will kill any drive, but especially in the winnable game this week, it will be crucial to keep the ball in our hands while playing the game in the red zone. Junior quarterback Luke Majick will have an opportunity to grow further as a red zone threat, and try to use more of his receiving core in those situations.

Key player of the week:

With senior captain Andy Trapp out for the second consecutive week, senior linebacker Nolan Ott will have to step up again like he did last week. With the modified 5-2 defense of FHC, the middle gets plenty of tackles and will be no different this week.