Player Profile: Meg Meekhoff


Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Name: Meg Meekhoff

Grade: Junior

Sport: Girls Varsity Golf

With the start of the new golf season, the team has some new talent from the junior class. Meg is one of the four juniors on the team and this is her first year playing varsity. So far this season her lowest score is 103f or 18 holes and 47 for 9 holes.

This year my scores have stayed pretty steady but my knowledge about the game has grown dramatically. I have shaved off a couple of strokes from last year. Last year I would shoot on average a 57. This year I shoot between a 50-53 then sometimes high forties.

Why do you play golf and who are your biggest influences?

I play golf because it’s a mental game. I love being able to fix my swing by being able to adjust such a small part of what you are doing. I also love it because I love being outside and being able to take my time on the course. My biggest supporter is my Dad because he had been playing since I was 7.”

What are you doing to try to improve this team?

I hope to lower my score this year and play smarter.”

What is your favorite part of the FHC golf program?

“I love being on a small team and really getting to know my teammates, we generally don’t play with each other during a match but before the match, we pump each other up and help one another with our swings. That really helps us get our heads in the right place.”