Player Profile: Jessica Schellenboom


Name: Jessica Schellenboom

Grade: Junior

Sport: Swimming

Jessica has carried over her success from last season’s third place finish in the state meet to help lead the team to early victories this year. She has placed first and second in all individual races swam so far this season.

What is your outlook on this season?

“Coming into this season no one really knew what was going to happen or what to expect because we got a new coach, Dennis Neat. I think he has been doing a great job coaching. We all have been working extremely hard and I’m excited to see where we end up at the end of the season.”

Why do you swim?

“I swim because I love seeing my teammates and my own hard work pay off at the end of the season. It’s always really cool to watch someone that you swim with everyday get a cut they want, win an event at a big meet, or get their best time.”

Who inspires you in swimming?

“I really look up to my teammates Riley Hofmann, Ashley Jeffreys, and Felicity Buchmaire. I’ve known them for so long and I have always wanted to be just like them and work as hard as they do.”

What are your plans for the future in swimming?

“I don’t really have any specific plans yet, I just want to live my life and do the best I can both in school and in swim. I do know that I want to swim in college, but I don’t have any idea of where.”

What are your favorite memories from being on the FHC Swim team?

“I think my favorite memories are from cottage weekends. We really come together as a team during those few days. From ice cream and pizza to dancing and games, it’s all really fun.”

What is your favorite quote about swimming?

“The breakfasts after a morning practice make getting up and all the pain worth it.”