My sisters are growing up


When I was younger, my sisters and I used to play this game called “The Best Friends Game.” We would each create our own house, cook each other food, and use ingredients such as acorns, leaves, flowers, and long grass. We made our own stores and played for hours on end.

When I was younger, my sisters and I played mermaids. At our condo down in Marco Island, we would either go into the deep end or shallow end of the pool. We would swim as if a shark was trying to catch us, and at the very last second, we would leap onto the concrete.

When I was younger, my sisters and I did all sorts of things. From building snow forts in the shoveled snow to making up dances in our playroom, our lives were full of many imaginative games. Looking back now, I can see that these moments were the epitome of my childhood.

Now one of my sisters, Ellie, is fourteen and the other, Clare, is almost eleven. Typically, we don’t spend as much time playing “The Best Friends Game” or building forts. We now spend our time doing our own activities. I go to ballet literally all day, every day. Ellie swims before and after school, and Clare plays soccer. We each are busy in our own way and don’t have as much time for each other. But, as I sit back and reflect on our imaginative past, it has made me realize how fast the time has gone and how fast my sisters are growing up.

A few weeks ago, Ellie got asked to her very first school dance. I got a text from her friend telling me to let her and Ellie’s date in. So, I ran into the basement and let them in. When she was asked, she had just strolled down the stairs and a small embarrassed smile crept up onto her face. She said yes, and the mad dash to find the perfect dress began.

For me, it was weird. I can remember my first homecoming like it was yesterday. Now here I am, in my junior year, going to my third homecoming. In the moment, it doesn’t seem like time has gone too fast, but now, realizing that my sister will be going to homecoming as well has put everything into perspective.

This year, my other sister Clare is starting 5th grade. She is finally at school with my mom and also introduced to kids from Pine Ridge, Ada, and Thornapple. I can vividly remember my first day at Central Woodlands. I had Mrs. Rundquist, and my class was filled with people from the other schools. Now, my sister is going through the same thing. She is meeting new friends and forming a cute little friend group.

Reflecting back to my younger years, it’s weird for me to see my sisters going through the same thing that I did. I have come to the realization that my sisters are growing up. The time is slowly spinning away, like a spool of thread almost at its end. Marion Garretty once said that a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. My childhood with my sisters will never be forgotten, and as they continue to grow up, I will forever cherish our times together.