JV volleyball takes the win against Greenville


On Thursday night, the JV volleyball team won big against Greenville in the first two sets of the game. The crowd could feel the intensity given off by the girls on the court. It was yet another back and forth game, with the girls starting off strong and playing with great competitiveness for the remainder of the game. Head coach Natalie Roelfzema said that tonight in the game the team communicated really well, which helped them to win the game.

“Tonight I think that the team did very well at communicating with each other on the court,” Roelfzema said. “They were able to run a more complex offense. We had some moments where they [the team] could’ve panicked, but they kept their calm and regrouped.”

The Rangers started off very strong in the first set, scoring seven points in a row off of sophomore Megan Raisch’s serves. However, the Rangers’ lead did not last for long, Greenville was catching up. Greenville found a hole in FHC’s block scoring the first point for the Yellow Jackets. Soon after Greenville got the ball, FHC got it right back scoring three more points and having a 10-2 lead.

Greenville’s coach called a timeout in hopes of trying to get back in the game, the Rangers, however, did not let that happen. FHC went back into the game stronger than before with sophomore Lauren Schofield’s great offensive work, as well as freshman Tatum Otolski’s defensive work.

“I think I played pretty well, my goal was to not let the ball touch the floor and I achieved that goal,” said Tatum, who scored the last point of the set for the Rangers making the score 25-12.

In the second set, Greenville served first but quickly lost it to the Rangers. The Rangers took that advantage and scored six points, but Greenville caught up making the score 6-6. FHC eventually got the ball back, attempting to add some more points to their board. Sophomore Rachel Nicholson helped greatly with serve receive allowing the team to make those offensive plays that put them in the lead. “I think I played well because I was very energetic and had great passes on the court.” Rachel said.


The Yellow Jackets called another timeout when the Rangers had a strong lead yet again at 18-13. The goal was to get the Lady Rangers out of their groove, but it didn’t work. The Rangers kept up their unexpected attacks which won them the game and the set with a score of 25-21.

Roelfzema predicts that the team will go far, especially after tonight’s performance.

“If I had to predict the next four weeks we are just going to get better and stronger, as well as continuing to challenge ourselves to work hard get some wins,” Roelfzema said.