Week five varsity football predictions and bold statements

Sports Report Staff

Jake’s score prediction: 42-27

Why: I think FHC will take a step back from the defensive side of the ball this week, with Cody Tierney being a big offensive presence for Northview. The offense will be big for FHC again this week, however, and will carry FHC to victory. Junior quarterback Luke Majick and senior wide receivers Kyle Basch and Bryce Clay are starting to get on the same page, and are waiting for a big week. This is that week against a struggling Wildcat pass defense.

Bold statement: Luke Majick goes off and contributes all six scores for FHC Friday night, two rushing and four passing.

Ty’s score prediction: 35-10

Why: The Rangers high powered offensive attack will be firing on all cylinders this steaming Friday night Ranger Memorial Field. Luke Majick should have a large day with a plenty of touchdowns through the air. The stout Ranger defense will shut down Northview and wide receiver Cody Tierney.

Bold statement: Michael Peliotes will score 2 touchdowns at TE.

Mr. George’s score prediction: 42-0

Why: Winning breeds winning and losing breeds fatigue. This will be a tired team that FHC faces today — and that fatigue will be heightened by the heat index that will be at around 100 degrees at gametime. The Rangers will jump on the Wildcats early with a long pass to Bryce Clay, and things will snowball quickly. The game will end with a running clock.

Bold statement: Several players from both teams suffer from cramps in the second half and the officials decide to end the game early.