Rihanna impresses with new Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation

Singer, actress, style icon, makeup line designer: Rihanna.

Rihanna Fenty has been known of for a while as a talented singer/songwriter, and now, Rihanna is continuing to impress the pop culture crowd with her new makeup line Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty is becoming known for the vast variety of shades that are offered and expand arguably further than most other makeup brands that claim to be inclusive. Rihanna wanted to create a line that everyone who wants to wear makeup will be able to find a shade in, which is why the tagline of Fenty Beauty is “beauty for all”; with forty different shades released, she seems to have reached that goal.

As an avid makeup user, when I heard of Fenty Beauty, I had to try it. I wear foundation almost every day, and I seem to always struggle with finding one that lasts through the school day and work after school along with having full coverage. I went to Sephora to buy Rihanna’s foundation, and I noticed that only mere days after the release of her makeup line, selections were already slim; it was easy to tell what shades were most popular. I tested a multitude of shades on my arms and hands until I finally decided on shade 170-(cool). The single bottle of foundation (1.08oz) costs $34.00 which is relatively on the high end for most makeup, but compared to other designer brands of makeup, $34 is actually on the low-end of prices.

When I got home from work that night, I took off all of the current makeup and foundation I was wearing and applied Fenty Beauty foundation over my bare skin. I didn’t start with any primer or moisturizer because I wanted to see how the foundation would blend with nothing else on my skin first. I shook the bottle before applying due to the instruction noted on the bottle, and I proceeded to squeeze a small amount (about a nickel size) onto the back of my hand. I noticed a color difference, but because of my testing experience at Sephora, I knew that once I began to blend it into my skin, it would change. I used my foundation pad to apply the liquid foundation to my face, starting with my forehead and then moving down to my cheeks and over the rest of my face. The seemingly simple and average shade matched with more accuracy than any other brand I have tried.

The seemingly simple and average shade matched with more accuracy than any other brand I have tried. ”

I immediately noticed how easy it was to blend the foundation pigment with my natural facial color. I noticed the immediate coverage of my pores and blemishes. The foundation, after applied, feels soft and light on my skin and feels almost as if I am not wearing makeup at all. In contrast, previous foundations I have applied go on thicker and feel cakey. I finished off my makeup look with blush, highlight, and eye makeup, and even after adding more to the makeup look, I still noticed how clean my skin looks.

If you were considering buying Fenty Beauty but were afraid of falling into the hype just to be disappointed, I would definitely recommend this product. Fenty Beauty Pro Filta��r Soft Matte foundation is long lasting and gives the effortless makeup look and feel. It is worth the cost, and if you have to wait for your shade to be restocked either at Sephora or online, it is worth the wait. Rihanna has outdone herself with her new makeup line. I have only tried the foundation, but I know I will soon be trying some of her other products as well.