JV Field Hockey team sweeps opponents this past weekend


Nick Vermeulen, Sports Reporter

On Saturday, September 23, the Forest Hills united JV field hockey team played in Gross Pointe, Michigan near Detroit. They had two games, one against the Gross Pointe Blue Devils and the other against the Dearborn Pioneers. Both games were played in extreme temperatures reaching high up into the nineties.

“It was very hot and we only had one sub,” said head coach Bruno. “We had to really watch out for our players.”

The heat didn’t slow down the Rangers success on the field though. The first game against Gross pointe was a narrow one-goal win for the Rangers. The lone goal was scored by Claire Bieniewicz. In this game, the Ranger defense held its ground strong and didn’t allow the Blue Devils to answer.

In the next game, the scoreboard was a little more lopsided. The Rangers dominated on offense and had possession for the greater part of the game. The final score against the Pioneers of Dearborn was 3-0 FHC. One goal was scored by Nuala Richards, from Forest Hills Northern, and the other two were slapped in by forward Laura Balanda.

When Sophomore Isabella Piccione knew the offense and beating the heat were keys to their two wins.

” Talking helped on defense, and on offense, the key was keeping our sticks down,” Isabella said. “The parents brought cold towels and we continued to drink water.”

Coach Bruno is optimistic for the rest of their season.

“Our goals for the rest of the season would be to go undefeated.” says Coach Bruno, ” There is also a tournament for Junior Varsity, we are hoping to win that.”

The team is looking better and better as the season progresses. They are still unbeaten and plan to keep it that way.