Player Profile: Mitch Bonner


Name: Mitch Bonner

Grade: Junior

Sport: JV Tennis

Position: 5 and 6 doubles

Mitch has been on the team two out of his three years at FHC and he really enjoys the team all around. He has consistently played very well recently.

How does the team look this year?

“It’s really just a great team, there are a lot of freshmen on it which is good.”

Why do you play tennis?

“I love the sport. I played freshman year and took last year off. I missed it, so I wanted to play again.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in tennis?

“Roger Federer, he is my favorite player.”

What are your upcoming plans?

“I am going play a lot this summer. [I plan on] trying out next year and hopefully making the team.”

What’s the best part about FHC?

“The extracurriculars are very fun at our school.”

What is your favorite gas station snack?

“A slurpee.”