Player Profile: Carson Mocherman


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Name: Carson Mocherman

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Football

Position: Quarterback

Carson is the quarterback of the red-hot freshman football squad. He’s played great the whole season, finding his receivers and making some clutch plays down the stretch. He’s been on fire the last few games, scoring 2 touchdowns against both Northview and Greenville

What’s been the key to success for you lately?

“Practicing hard and giving it my all every day to better prepare us for the upcoming games.”

What’s encouraged you to play football?

“The whole experience is great, it’s really fun and I love the feeling of winning.”

What’s been your favorite moment this season?

“Beating Greenville. I feel like I played really good along with the team. It was just an all-around great game.”

Favorite teacher at FHC?

I gotta go with Coach Rogers. He’s such an awesome guy.”