Freshman Football suffers tough loss to FHN 36-21

Tommy Spaletto

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Freshman Football suffers tough loss to FHN 36-21

Rivalry night against the Forest Hills Northern Huskies is always big for any Ranger athlete at any level. Tonight in the Ranger’s stadium, you could hear and feel how bad either team wanted to win the game. The Rangers suffered a tough loss to the Huskies 36-21. Freshmen Jonah Spates and Joey Wise were big contributors to the offense. Some other contributors were quarterback Carson Mocherman and running back Sawyer Bosch. The first half added up throughout the half and became the main reason why the Rangers lost.

Coach Ty Hallock harped on the errors last week against Greenville, and this week was no different.

“We made a lot of mistakes in the first half that really hurt us,” Coach Ty Hallock said. “Guys were out of position and weren’t doing things we showed them in practice, and that’s all it comes down to.”

The Rangers started out in the first quarter being up 7-6, with Northern capitalizing on their first drive, but a Mocherman touchdown run in a quick response. The second quarter is where the errors started to pile up, and Northern took advantage of empty Ranger drives. Despite the errors, FHC continued to rely on Mocherman, who did a very good job running the ball and led the team in carries in front of Joey Wise and Sawyer Bosch.

“I attribute my running to my work in conditioning,” Mocherman said. “And also to my offensive linemen providing great blocks at the right time.”

The Rangers came out of a disappointing half looking very impressive. They forced a fumble on the first play of scrimmage and got the ball back. The energy of the players looked like the complete opposite from the end first half. The tide completely turned as the Rangers decided to attempt on 4th down, which led to a conversion and Mocherman to Spates touchdown. This led to a three and out by the Rangers defense and a blocked punt by left end and kicker Jason Downey. That following offensive possession, Bosch scored a touchdown on 2nd down to make it 28-21 Huskies, when the Rangers were down 28-7 to start the half.

“They key to my running was the blocking. you can’t run if you don’t have any blockers to block for you.” Bosch said.

Everyone in the stands thought that a massive comeback was coming, and suddenly FHC was back in the game. But the following drive after the Bosch touchdown, Mocherman threw a pass that slipped through a receiver’s hands and was intercepted by a Husky. It was a great run at a comeback, but the errors from the 1st half and the confidence from the Huskies were too much for the Rangers to handle.

FHC has another big game against the Lowell Red Arrows next week, where they will try and learn from their mistakes and try to get back on the right track against a fundamentally sound football program. This was only the second loss on the year for the Rangers, the first coming the first game of the season against Jenison.

“Our focus is on the game plan next week,” Mocherman said. “We need to put this game behind us and work harder and play harder.”

Coach Hallock is confident in the preparation coming in the weeks to come.

“We continue to press upon these guys to be focused and to know and understand their roles and responsibilities,” Hallock said. “And I think if we do that we will be just fine later on. “