Freshman on Varsity: Maddie Knoor


Playing a varsity sport at FHC is not an easy thing to do. Our school praises our athletes and works them hard, pushing them to their full potential. The task of being a part of a varsity team is not only physically challenging but mentally as well. As upperclassmen, the majority of varsity players have developed over the years and built themselves up to this point but for some, the transition is easier. As freshman athletes participating in a varsity sport, they show great amounts of discipline and talent.

Freshman Madeline Knoor has been navigating the challenges and the commitment of playing varsity golf for the first time. With the tougher competition, completely new teammates, and an unfamiliar coach, she has had her work cut out for her. Despite the challenges, Madeline has been scoring low and improving throughout the season. She hopes to finish out the season strong and get ready for next year during the offseason.

What is the hardest part about being younger than almost all of your teammates?

“Since I can’t drive yet, I’ve had to make sure that I have rides to practices and events, but my teammates have been great about making sure I do.”

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the varsity golf team?

“My teammates and coach are a lot of fun and I’ve gotten the chance to meet other players from all over the state.”

How do you hope to see this season end?

“I hope that we do well at regionals and make it to states.”

What has been your most difficult challenge this season?

“It has been a little tricky to get used to missing school for all-day events and having to make up the work.”