Player Profile: Gabe Carlson


Name: Gabe Carlson

Sport: Cross Country

Grade: Sophomore

Despite being only a sophomore, Gabe is a key component of the cross country team and continues to grow as an athlete.

How long have you been running for the cross country team?

“I have been running for the Ranger cross country since middle school.”

What inspires you to do your best every meet?

” I try to go for my target time and I believe in myself.”

Why did you first start cross country?

“I started cross country because I really like running.”

What is your best time that you have achieved while running in a race?

“My best time running a race was 16:42. It was a hard time to get but I just ran for it and achieved it.”

What is the hardest part about running cross country?

“The hardest part about running cross country is having to run everyday after school and having meets on Saturdays.”

What do most people not know about running cross country?

“What most people don’t know about running is that it is a sport that requires both mental and physical strength .”

Do you participate in any other sports at FHC?

“No I currently do not do any other sports, but I might try ski team.”

Are you interested in running in college?

“Yes, I would like to run in college either at MSU or Harvard.”

Where are you planning on going to college in the future?

“I would either want to go to MSU because I’m a Spartan fan or Harvard because they have a really good sports program.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”-Brocaw Blazers