Player Profile: Delaney Tucker

Player Profile: Delaney Tucker

Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Name: Delaney Tucker

Grade: 9

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Setter

How do you feel like you are playing?

“My individual play has definitely improved since the beginning of the season. I’m still hoping to become a better teammate, become a leader, and learn more skills.”

What motivates you to play volleyball?

“My teammates really motivate me and their encouragement makes me enjoy playing. I love my team, we have a really cool bond and on the court we all just have fun and play as a team.”

Who’s been your biggest inspiration your athletic career?

“Bri Tilton is definitely an inspiration to my career. I have known her for a while and she is a great volleyball player and a great role model to me. I always look up to her and all she’s taught the team has really helped us out and I’m sure the rest of the season will be great with her.”

Favorite teacher at FHC?

“Mrs. Post. She’s super cool and overall a really good teacher.”

Do you have a personal quote to motivate you?

“Never give up. No matter how many times you fail just get right back up and keep on looking forward.”